Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School work has ambushed me. That is why one might want to check what they have to do in a week before taking the holiday off. But really, a day off was nice. And the thing I'm most worried about is the group project, and that doesn't depend only on me.

My OCD is behaving itself, well, as well as it does. The depression is being "normal" or a bit worse. I was watching a movie today, "Fathers Day," and haven't finished it. But one character is a bit like me with depression and anxiety. The other character is surprised by him. I forget that my thoughts are unusual. I'm having a pretty good day today, but Sunday I was making it from one activity to the next (not even one day to the next). Admittedly, that was worse for me. But when I told my sister and heard her response, I thought, Oh, that isn't normal thinking. I had kind of forgotten. I had kind of assumed that everyone had bad days like that. But the movie and my sister remind me, no, my thoughts aren't all normal, which means they might get better.

Here is my happiest news; my "projected graduation date" is fall of 1013! A semester over two years away! (Meaning, I'll have to take classes each summer, but only have to take two or three classes each semester.) It gives me a feeling of hope - coupled with, but then what? What good will this degree really do? Who knows, but I'll actually have it. And I will hopefully enjoy the classes (or most of them) on my way there.

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  1. Hi Abigail!

    School is hard with you're also dealing with OCD, isn't it?

    Good news on your projected graduation date!

    Lady Delphinium