Tuesday, September 20, 2011

good things

Maybe you should stop reading my posts for a few days. Or maybe I should write cheerfuller posts.

Now my concentration has been taken hostage by the depression, so I just don't have a good attention span.

My counselor told me to focus on my senses, not on my depression. I.e. the way the keys feel under my fingers, the sound of typing on the keyboard, etc. It works, at least for 20 seconds. Twenty seconds throughout the day would add up to minutes. Good deal, all around.

Here is my partial list of good things.

Tomorrow I see Mr. Psychiatrist. Yay.
Today, I am getting my laundry done (well, most of it). That's good, too.
It is already 5 pm.
I have two corndogs frozen in my freezer.
I have ten icecream bars in my freezer. And 5 bagels. And I have milk and cream cheese. Or, in plain English, I have food that I like at home.
I have a guinnea pig. (I think I scared him two days ago trying to get him to reach out of the cage to my hand with a yogurt treat.)
I have a television and a dvd player and a cd player and two radios. They can keep my thoughts in less depressed places.
I can come to the library and use the computer.
I am still driving.
I can rent a movie to watch tonight.
I have suggestions from friends of what movies to watch.
Last night I went to my favorite local grocery store.
Before that I spent time with friends.
My counselor called me back yesterday.
Today is better than yesterday.
It is really beautiful outside right now.

So I can think of good things. Just don't start a philosophical conversation on it. That's directed at you, brain.

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  1. My attention span stinks when I have anxiety and depression. When I have bouts of bad days, I just do what I have to in work to get by, work my hardest and try not to focus too much on the anxiety and depression. I am going to try focusing on my senses today and see how that works out, because the past couple of days I have been feeling crummy... Hope you're well otherwise... :D