Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm tired, and this time I have an excuse. (I mean, beyond such obvious reasons as depression, anxiety, and less than peaceful sleep last night.)

I'm still mildly anemic. I started looking up online what that might be. I was thus assured that it could be serious and scarey or depressing, so I quit looking. But not before gleaning enough info to start worrying about my spleen. Now my side hurts. The correct side (I think?), but in two different places, as if to make sure the spleen area is hurting even though I don't exactly know where it is. How amusing (seriously).


  1. I have to fight the urge to look up health concerns on the internet. My therapist told me when people with OCD focus on a health concern, the primitive part of their brain goes on high alert so that we actually are more aware of normal sensations because we are so focused on that area of our body. So what is probably normal is something our OCD view as a red alert.

  2. I totally agree with Elizabeth.

    I looked up something on the internet back in March and what I read became an obsession that I still carry with me, in fact, it became such an overwhelming thing that I finally sought professional OCD guidance due to it.

    I find my OCD causes me to fear the worst and I (mis)diagnose myself without actually having any clue, understanding or grounding in medical training - I now NEVER look up medical stuff on the internet and leave it to the professionals!

  3. I just saw your post on another blog and you said you couldn't comment under your I.D.

    Before you sign in to Blogger, uncheck the 'remember me' or 'keep me signed in' check box - You should then be able to leave comments.

    It is something to do with Bloggers sign in procedure and cleared the issue for me - I hope that helps you.