Monday, November 21, 2011

One of those days

I worked this morning, of course. It went okay. Then I went home with a headache. On my way home, I got to drive the interstate at 4 miles per hour. That was interesting, in a fairly boring sort of way. After lunch, I planned to take a nap, but my landlord showed up with an electrician to fix our heat in the livingroom and kitchen. He was pretty fast, but it still delayed my nap.

Then, for my nap, I didn't fall asleep, but I rested, so that's okay.

Now I just turned in my homework for the week (due today). We were given a free pass to skip one week's assignment without loosing any points, and I actually used it today. I'm a little surprised that I actually used it. And I'm a little disappointed that I used it. And I am sufficiently glad that I used it. Takes a bit of stress off. I was too far behind this week... (thanks to the paperback novels I read, etc.)

Now Thanksgiving approaches. I don't think I want a four day weekend, but it isn't really my choice...

Anyway, I was feeling gloomy when I started this post, but for the moment, I'm feeling better. Who knows? Maybe it will last.

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