Wednesday, February 29, 2012

busy tuesday, more normal wednesday

Yesterday, I worked in the morning, had half an hour to eat lunch, and then I did observations for one of my college classes in the afternoon. If the time at the place to observe counted as work, I'd have clocked in 10 hours of work yesterday. So I felt okay spoiling myself in the evening. But after watching a movie, I wrote down what had happened on my observation before I forgot (I need to write a report for my teacher). So that makes 11 hours of work and school. Today, I'm feeling lazy. Not at work; at work, there were lots of kids and lots of noise. There were smiles and tears and trying to get children to look at me and trying to get others to stop whining at me... But we all survived. And I got a hard-to-get-to-sleep child to sleep. I feel so accomplished after that! And we did beading with those multicolored doughnut shaped but much smaller very sweat breakfast cereal. Fine motor skill development! Helps me feel like a good teacher when I get "good" activities in. Kind of silly since, while nice, such activities do not define good childcare. 

I think I mentioned having a rough day at work last Friday. It was nicely resolved Monday. Very nicely.

This afternoon, I started reading a mystery novel. I was quickly drawn in, but I had to leave to go to the library for internet so that I could attend my online sign language lab. Then the depressed thoughts spotted their chance. What did that? I'd been having a good few days (that or I just didn't have time yesterday for depressed thoughts, and part of Sunday was good, so that might add up to an illusion of really good days). Maybe mysteries are bad for my health, because when I make myself leave them half read, the turmoil that causes in me stirs up the depression. I don't know. That sounds a bit silly, too. And anyway, I intend to finish the book, with or without nice logical support.

Hungry again. What a surprise. I've woken up the past two mornings with a migraine, but they have gone away when I ate. So it remains likely that they have more to do with the size and content of my supper than with the med change. Guess I should eat more? Rats. (But I feel full enough after the meal... never mind all the times during the day that I feel hungry and don't eat because it's not convenient.)


  1. Hi Abigail. Just want to tell you that I love your new profile pic and the look of your blog. Very nice!

  2. Abigail, It sounds like you're a great teacher! You must have a way with children, and everyone in child care is not like that. I'm sure you're a blessing to them.

    I think staying busy and doing things you enjoy can help with depression. Maybe if you're not fully engaged in an activity, it leaves your mind more open to thinking negatively, perhaps? Or feeling the depression? Some days are better than others for me. I think you'll gradually understand more about what allows the depression more "space."

    Not eating regularly can have an effect on how we feel, too. Everyone is different. I know it's hard to stop sometimes and eat, but you might try that for a few days and see if it helps with the headaches.

    I love mysteries, and when I'm in the middle of a really good one, I hate to give it up too! What are you reading? I like Sue Grafton, Meg Gardiner, Lee Child and Kathy Reichs, to name a few.