Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Okay, I gotta write really fast, because I get to take a test soon. Yeah, I'm excited. It's the kind of multiple choice test that I tend to do really well on. Success, in a short amount of time! (hopefully.)

Tomorrow I get to see my counselor again, but she's moved to a different office, so I shall plan extra driving time to find it. I'm excited to see her because this week hasn't gone so well and I want to talk about it. Usually on Tuesday nights, I visit friends, and that seems to be what helps turn me from my weekend depression to my better time of week. This week, I didn't go, and my depression had plenty of fun. I should make it pay rent for the time and energy it uses in my brain. But no, instead I pay money to try to make it less controlling (meds, dr and therapist appointments).

Happy Wednesday. My work week is more than half over!

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