Monday, April 30, 2012

I finished my classwork. I think. The OCD had a bit of fun with that. Like exams; test-taking strategy: never admit that you don't know the answer to a question (unless your teacher is one of those who specifically tells you she would rather you just right "I don't know" or draw a pretty picture or tell a joke - I've heard that before). Maybe your guess will be right and you don't want to admit ignorance if you are actually right.

But OCD says, "You might be lying. Maybe you should just admit that you don't know."

And Anti-OCD, a logical, conscienceless creature that lives to fight OCD, says, "If you are "lying," the teacher will know it right off. If the teacher knows it right off, then you did not deceive the teacher. It's called guessing on a test, okay?"

And OCD mutters, "I'm never okay with anything. Why do bother asking." But OCD did pick up on that "choose your battles" phrase thrown around in discussions of dealing with behavior issues with children, so OCD lets that one slide. (Besides, all that psychiatric medication and ERP stuff saps some of OCD's energy, so it does have to prioritize now.)

And... I forgot the other OCD issues. Just can't keep track of it all, you know, because I have limited time and energy and brain space, too.

Then, there was an assignment that wouldn't let me submit yesterday, so I submitted that assignment with another one and through e-mail. The instructor got the e-mail, sending back "thanks." But today, the assignment is telling me I'm late, and has the submit button back in place. It just isn't all rapped up nicely! Something terrible might happen. Like... the assignment living there for years, uncompleted. And that just is annoying.

The helpful web cite tells me I'm two thirds of the way to my degree (though just credit-wise, I'm much closer to having enough). I guess that's okay. I'm not taking one of the "planned" classes this summer. It is slightly tempting... but not very. I'm really ready for a break from heavy schoolwork (hence why I'm taking Human Anatomy this summer? Just kidding, I think that won't be too bad, and if it is, I can just put it off until I've had enough of a break).

Okay, over all, I'm doing pretty well today. As in, I'm feeling pretty well. And I was two minutes early for work. Hurray!

Enough computer for the moment... 'bye!

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