Monday, April 2, 2012

a pretty good monday

Well, I'm already set for turning in at least one assignment late (not by midnight). If I hadn't set up a dentist appointment, then maybe... But I did set one up, so my paper can loose one point (a tenth of it's value). So, with my handy prioritizing brain, it occured to me to write the short paper today so that only one gets turned in late. Only, I still have to do the lab for this paper. The lab requires going to three different places and having a conversation with a lisp. I have to go to the bank, so there's one. I can go for-fun shopping and make myself have a conversation at two other places. And my current buying obsession is focused on board books. Good thing I'm a toddler teacher, or I really wouldn't have an excuse.

How I'm feeling changes, but is over-all staying at my normal, not-quite-healthy state. I think that is a good sign. I still want to blame some tiredness on my new medication, but I still can't quite justify that, considering how tired I was before I started it. I could blame interesting dreams on it, but they haven't been very troublesome, either. So I think the side effects are acceptable or even non-existant. Let's just hope that one of my medications supports what health and nerve I can gather so that I can actually have my conversations with a lisp. Because I'm pretty sure the teacher wanted the conversations to be longer than, "Can I help you?" "No, thankth."

I'm busy with a Community Workers theme for my toddlers. I'm having a good time with it. They have done pretty well, so far, except when one child got too excited over the fire truck book. As problems go, that's a pretty good one. Of course, there were all the normal problems, but I wont blame them on the theme. I'm slightly annoyed with myself that I can't find some personal hobby to give me the same amount of pleasure as I research and prepare on my own time. Oh, well. Having fun at work is some sort of justification for planning, especially if the planning is even more fun than the actual doing.

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  1. Abigail, I'm glad you're enjoying your work. It sounds like fun! You sound so creative.

    A hobby will find you. Just think about things you like to do that make you forget the time and put into into a "flow."

    Take care!