Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Optimist that I am (did I really just say that?), I assumed that because I am taking the medication in the morning, all my sleeping in troubles should be gone. But that doesn't explain why I slept until after I should have left for work yesterday and then was 7 minutes late for work today. I don't know if it is the medication or the anxiety and stress and depression (do I still have that? Oh, for goodness sakes! Save that question for another time) just wearing me out. And now it seems to hang on through the day.

I went to my sign language lab (via the lovely internet) this afternoon, but when I started to practice my presentation, my signs were all mixed up. About the equivalent of saying "bood day" instead of good day. I would expect that if I had taken most of the year off of sign language, but it had only been a week!

And my part of the paper we have to write together? On Monday I tell her that I'll have my part ready before lab, could she please work on her part. But today, she had her part, and my part wasn't ready. Let's just say that instead of her holding me back, I'm holding her back. So I gave my self the good old, "you'd have grace for her, so you need to give grace to yourself" talk. Actually, I might not have been too noble on the grace side if I wasn't running behind like I am. A few weeks ago, I was upset with her (silently). And now, I want her grace. Well, guess what; I think I've got her grace, too. It will work out.


  1. Abigail, I'm so glad you recognized that you have to give yourself some grace. You are so right. It will work out.

  2. Abigail, Grace is for everyone. That is the beauty and miracle of it. I'm glad you were able to give yourself some! End of semester is almost here---hang on! :-)