Wednesday, July 20, 2011

how I am today (self absorbed, perhaps?)

Wow, I went 5 days without posting. Very good. I'm not completely addicted to writing on my blog. (This was helped along by my theory that only one out of three libraries I go to will actually post my post.)

Once my family get-togethers were completed, my mood lifted somewhat. I still have trouble getting out of bed, but I was 4 minutes early to work this morning (exactly on time yesterday). After work I'm ridiculously tired, but I can live with that.

Yesterday and today I went to two dollar stores. Reason for the second was to see if they had multiplication table posters for my teacher sister. I didn't find any. Just Addition and Subtraction. Multiplication must be more expensive?

Today I got in a nice little anxiety fit. I like shopping and seeing what's there. But dollar stores are tough for me, especially when I have cash. Thus, I convinced myself to buy three things. And I walked around debating buying other things - decorations for my toddler classroom. Puzzles for my toddlers. Jelly Beans. Breathe, breathe, I told myself. Why the anxiety? Maybe because I was worried about turning down a good sale and not spending money. As a general rule, I don't buy things for my toddler classroom. But I want to, and they had some nice educationish stuff that was still toddler-friendly. Oh, super. I can mess up my breathing with anxiety just by thinking about this. Not aweful anxiety; just annoying anxiety.

I left my break lights on in my car yesterday. Not on purpose, obviously, but sometimes they just stay on. I finally figured out that setting the parking break turned them off. But for yesterday, I had to jump my car. Which involved asking for help. I hate doing that. So I decided I'd rather ask my room-mate to drive me jumper cables instead of my coworker... She came, but it turned out that her jumper cables didn't work. So then my coworker drove to my boss's house for her jumper cables while my room-mate and I waited. These cables worked great, and I drove away freely. I am a bit extra nervous about running out of electric power in my car. I'm checking my break lights every time I leave my car. I think I can do that for a few days before labeling it OCD and backing off. Because who wouldn't check for a little bit after making such a mistake? (And even if they wouldn't, I still want to... OCD?)

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