Friday, July 1, 2011

Hurray, this computer at this library at this time is letting me actually post my blog entries! Hence, the sudden addition of posts. There was another one about my OCD being found mild on the test my counselor gave me (instead of moderate). I was elated for a day and a half and then returned to being depressed.

This latest round of depression is either due to the sinus and ear infections I got or to the drop in Seroquel dose or some combination. But the doctor and I aborted our what-happens-if-we-lower-the-Seroquel-will-the-lightheaded-problem-go-away test. At least until I feel better. And yes, I'm hoping for really better. Not just the "I can now live my life almost normally" kind of better. I've got that (thank God for antibiotics!). But being off the decongestant medication would be nice.

I also feel like I'd rather just stick with the current medications and dosages. Give myself a bit of a rest from the whole guinnea pig fiddling around with my medications to make them better. Chances are, in a few weeks, I'll be ready to try for improvement. But right now, I want to appreciate all the happiness and non-ocdness that I can have with these medications I'm on at these dosages right now. I don't want to risk getting worse again.

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