Wednesday, January 5, 2011

college class?

Somehow life gets complicated really fast. Like, I think to myself, I can take such-and-such class on such-and-such days and that will be great.... followed by finding out that the class is full. Not too much of a problem, because maybe people will drop out. So then i look at the local college I was planning to transfer to, and guess what, the classes are mostly online. Listen! If I want an online college, i'd pick a different one. So then my whole shakey plan for a bachelor's degree crumbles once more (this isn't unusual).

So then, the choice gets more complicated. Which class do I take from where and why? Because I wanted to take a class in person. (I'm great at online, but it has been suggested that perhaps in person would be better for my depression.)

But then I look at the online class from a different college and think, oh, I'd so much rather take that class than the in person ones here. I mean, I'd enjoy the material I was learning. That does help, you know.

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  1. I have trouble with long chains of events where changes mean changes in direction. I want everything to be straightforward and easy, and when it's not, I get stressed out. I'm not sure what the cure for that is. I do know that I live in the "now/now" time signature (to allude to a line in a Jill Scott/MosDef song) and some things just take time. I want to learn patience!