Sunday, January 23, 2011

So I got the flu and now I feel week. I guess it didn't help that I haven't eaten lunch yet and it is past one o'clock. And I know I'm blogging twice in one day. And I know it could be compulsive. And I'm still writing, because maybe it will help me sort out my thoughts. My counselor said writing thoughts gives me a little more objectivity than just thinking.

Earlier today, after eating a normal breakfast for the first time since Friday (thanks to a stomach flu), and after going out into the sunshiney day, I felt good. I felt like that was how I wanted to feel in life. Not without problems, but without the depression hanging on me. It lasted maybe 10 minutes into church. Then I got tired. Physically. My wonderful stamina after having the 12 hour flu. That's what my non-depression times are like; I do okay and then I tire out. So maybe there is hope of recovering (both from the flu and depression).

Now I'm about to try to get myself to eat lunch (I will succeed - 3 meals a day is one of my top priorities -when I'm not sick). And either sleep or walk in the sunshine. I guess I hoped once I finally got the stupid flu that I'd stop feeling so tired like I did all week, but I recover from the flu back to being tired. One step at a time...

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