Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday. Took my Seroquel with my antibiotic and food last night. Not the greatest idea. Better to take Seroquel without food, because the pharmacist said I'd absorb it a little bit better. And I want all the help I can get, even if I don't think it's working like I want it to.

I got around 9 hours of sleep, but I'm still so tired today! I don't think that's fair. But i made it to work only 4 minutes late, and got out of work early because they didn't need me anymore today (sad for the paycheck, happy for my brain). Then I was supposed to eat lunch. I took a bite of apple and a bite of whatever bready-meaty-cheesey-needs-some-sauce thing I made for lunch. And then I entered the library. Happy brain, upset whatever in me wants/needs food. Oh, but I don't "need" lunch. Rats, gotta force myself to eat. Could get a movie and watch it while I ate. Good idea.

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