Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caring for Toddlers. A break from OCD

Here are 4 of my top three methods of handling a bunch of toddlers that are going crazy. No, that should be 5 of 10? Or 5 of 5 since I don't know what the other five would be. This is put together from my 3.5 years of experience.

1. Bubbles. Blow bubbles, or (if like me you don't want to hyperventalate), swing the bubble wand around. The second method is a bit messier, but hey, the solution says it's non toxic. Oh, don't forget to do it outside or on carpet. This way the carpet can collect more dirt. - No, wait, this way the children are less likely to slip and fall on the hard floor. A bit more dirt is a small sacrifice for avoiding falls.

2. Sing with motions The Wheels On the Bus. This song is just about perfect. The right amount of familiarity. The right amount and right kinds of motions. The right amount of repetition and variation. This is a great song.

3. Give them food. This one is especially good if you can't stand any more noise and need a bit of quiet.

4. Turn on a Baby Einstein movie (What? I'm really saying this?) and give a radio sports reporter's play by play account ("Look, she's taking it out. Taking it out. Taking it out. Taking it out. All done!" (You and the older toddlers should clap then since the hand on the video/dvd has successfully removed all the toys from the box). The verbal addition to the movie may be necessary to keep more of their attention.

5. Read a very short book. As in, about one sentence or less per page. Summerizing is acceptable if you do it so quickly you could be reading it. And pictures are pretty much essential. Brightly colored ones are good. Sturdy books are preferable, since two of the toddlers (or more) may try to take the book from you before you've read all your short lines.

Crayons are pretty good, but there will probably be tears before you are done, so if you are going crazy, I recommend you choose another option.

Putting them down for a nap can be good, however, once again, there will probably be tears, perhaps loud and insistant and pitiful, before they are finally asleep.

All in all, I'm glad I work with toddlers. They make me get out of bed five mornings a week. They are funny. They make me feel significant. And they are very distracting. And I love them.

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  1. Toddlers sound like an excellent way to stay in the present moment!!