Saturday, June 11, 2011

Okay, the last two posts are out of order. They didn't post the days I tried to post them, and now they are not in order. Grrr.

Last night I played handbells at a fundraising event fighting against cancer. We played around 10:00 at night. I was the youngest, but not the only one who is usually in bed by 10. Now today, I feel sick. My throat hurts, my stomach doesn't like me... Only, I suspect it wont turn into a full blown cold. I think when I relax enough and sleep enough, I'll feel better. And yes, I was in bed 12 hours last night and this morning. Ahhh. :) 24 might be better.

But this afternoon, I've planned to go to a friend's wedding. So the stress continues. Oh, well, it should work out better than I fear, since things with these people tend to work out better than I expect.

The handbell playing went well, by the way. I now feel like I'm on the same playing field as all the others, not a good step ahead. There was a part where I just stopped playing, because I got confused and lost and I waited to rejoin where I was more comfortable. That worked just fine.

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