Saturday, April 9, 2011

college conversation

A college admissions counselor (or something like that) talked to me yesterday. I hope he was as amused as I was. Really, maybe I shouldn't have agreed to talk to him. Because I have the wrong answers. "Why do you want to get a bachelor's degree?" "I don't know." "It looks like you'll have to decide soon." "Uh, no. I've had my AA for two years." "Then what have you been doing?" (In addition to working? I already told you about those one-year-olds I care for.) "I did a semester with this college, a class from another Christian college, and two semesters, two classes, with this other college." (And I never did figure out how I wanted to say that I was working on getting through depression, and that took alot of my time and energy. So he is still oblivious, probably to his relief.) "Oh, this college does competency based accreditation. That can be hard." "Uh, yeah, I know. I did well. I got 22 credits in 6 months." (and I forgot to tell him I took a month or two off in the middle.) "Those credits might not transfer." (You think I don't know that? You think I care enough to change what I'm doing?) I admitted I was considering Speech Language Pathology. "You'll probably have to do that at a local college." "Utah State University has a Communication Disorders program online." And we even got into debating whether most SLPs needed a Master's degree to get certified in most states or not. Which wasn't fair to him because I've researched this, and I don't think he has. So if you ever call me to try to get me to go to your college, don't make claims you aren't sure of (i.e. researched for at least three hours over several months, recently), and if you do, don't adjust your claim part way through based on what I tell you. Admitting you don't know much about something your college doesn't offer is okay, actually a good thing. And now you know another of my vices. Me and conversations about college.

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