Sunday, April 3, 2011

a little problem

The allergy specialist didn't find any allergies, but did notice mild anemia. I wasn't surprised; I've had iron supplements before, including when I was a kid. I didn't even want to follow up with my regular doctor. But Mr. Psychiatrist said it was important, so I did. And guess what; this time it's more than low iron. This time he found that my red blood cells aren't living long enough, silly things. But its still just mild anemia. And he was going to check if any of my medications could be responsible for that. (And put me on iron supplements; boring and easy.) I just looked online and guess what; any one of the three psychiatric medications I'm taking could potentially give me anemia (in very rare circumstances). And here I thought the medications were working out. Oh, and researching online, I can blame any residual congestion from my colds/flus/ear infections/non-allergies on one or the other medication - I forget which one(s). Oh, and even after I stop taking one of my medications, I could start twitching and it could never go away. Wow, what an encouragement. That's why I don't usually reread the side effects for my medications. Anyhow, over all my research was comforting as it provides a reason for my blood cells abandoning me that doesn't mean anything dangerous. But really, I wasn't expecting this. Rats. Now more doctor visits/tests/great. And why, since I don't have enough red blood cells, do they have to keep taking more of them away from me for tests? And thus far, I have not noticed increased energy related to iron supplements. Maybe because I've been getting over a flu/infection at the same time. Or maybe it's because solving my anemia really wont make much of a difference in how I feel.

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