Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm hungry. That's a good thing. A very good thing. Yesterday, after not eating for thirteen hours so they could get their blood sample from me to do tests I can't remember, I got kind of sick. The new, lightheaded thing. But I had a special variation last night; a buzzing sound/feeling would leap through my head, sometimes a few times in a row, and then leave. But it sometimes (but not always) threw my vision off a bit, too. A bit of a spinning world thing. And I could have that sensation while lying down; it wasn't limmited to when I stood up. But thank God, today the lightheaded, spinning headed, thing went away long enough for work. There was a moment when I determined that I should eat lest the lightheaded thing return. And now I shouldn't wait too long before my lunch or I might end up missing my class tonight... My boss spoke brilliantly to me today. She said that the longer I didn't hear from the doctor, the better the news was, because if it was really bad, they would call sooner. I two-thirds believe her. But even by that, I've got another day before I can determine a better or worse outcome. But really, my concerns are more focused on not getting spinning-head/lightheaded issues so that I can safely drive to my class tonight and counseling tomorrow. And for that, I should avoid worrying and not avoid food. (But what on earth will I do between working and eating and my class? Another movie? How many of those am I going to watch? What if they start getting too boring or too expensive? And so on and so forth. Have a good lunch/supper and may your head feel stable and fully supplied with oxygen.

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