Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas tree

 Despite the OCD-recognized possibility for it being evil, I got a Santa stocking. I have never had a stocking for Christmas (that I can remember), and I've decided that I want to do one this year. Of course, surprising myself with its contents might be a little hard. Because my gifts from relatives that get mail, I usually open them right away (not big on self control there), and gifts from myself, well, I've seen before.

But I've found a way around that. I plan to buy one or two of those mystery toys that comes in a little foil sealed bag and gives you one of the "series" of toys shown on the package. Basically, a surprise. Of course, that will take self control as well, so we'll see how long it lasts. Perhaps in my own personal tradition, stockings will get opened two or three weeks early. That is the advantage of starting my own tradition for myself, right?
 As for the tree, I got this idea last year of making one on the wall with construction paper. However, when I got out my green construction paper yesterday, there wasn't enough. Then I found tissue paper in not quite the right color, but the size and brightness was right. So I went shopping for green tissue paper, and found sparkley stuff! Hurray! (I love sparkles.)

And, as my mom said, a tree on the wall is a good idea in a space as small as my beloved studio apartment. And she's right. So the tree hangs above my guinea pig.
In new additions yesterday, this tree cost me two dollars plus tax. Adding in the table clothe and the stocking, it's a four dollar decorating spree! Yay for dollar stores. :) I'm sure the electricity could be added in, but that would be too complicated, so we'll leave it off.

Anyway, if you happen to like Christmas this year, Merry Christmas Preparation Time, and if you don't, I'm sorry. I've been there, too. But hey, the sooner Christmas comes, the sooner it will leave again!


  1. Your tree looks great! And my stocking (now 40 years old!) is very similar to yours, green with a big Santa on the front.

  2. The tree is awesome! You are so creative. It looks so festive and pretty. I love it.

  3. I really love the tree on the wall idea! Looks great!!