Sunday, November 25, 2012

On the mental health front;

I learned something today. In my mind, my life consists of working, going to school, and taking care of my mental health. Naps, relaxing, exercise, self-care, all of that falls under taking care of my mental health. But I think it makes me sound ill when I talk about it that way with people who maybe don't view their own lives as being lived on a mental health battlefield. So today, I made a discovery; I can describe what I do for self-care instead of giving the "mental health care" summary. Actually, I think the outside world might call them "hobbies." I read books, watch movies, paint little things, tap dance... Doesn't that make me sound like a healthier person? Even to myself, it sounds more positive, less locked in mortal combat with the monster that is/was trying to take over my brain. So that is one recent lesson.

Another is about mindfulness and eating. My counselor mentioned how she sometimes suggests people think about what they are eating, the taste, the texture, just really sensing it fully while they eat. She said she tried it herself, and found it very pleasant. I've tried it a few times, and this is what I come up with; I get to thinking too much about what I'm eating and the texture, and then it starts seeming gross, even if it is something I actually like. So for me, it works better to just straight enjoy the taste instead of trying to think about the texture and such and risking momentarily repelling my appetite. Mindfulness doesn't solve every problem. :)


  1. I feel the same way about the "mindfulness" eating, too much thinking makes it disgusting to me. The only thing I can savor in that way is chocolate.

  2. I haven't really tried mindfulness eating, but I can see where too much attention on the texture, feeling, etc. of what I'm eating could make it seem disgusting.

  3. I find that the stopping in mid mental 'take-overs' and going outside to tend the garden, or especially to pull the ever growing weeds helps me -and for some, I guess I too, know that this is a hobby of mine, I like it.

    Hmmm... about tinking about what what I eating. I have a sweet tooth, don't think I'd like to pay attention to the details of what I eat to satisfy that that sweet tooth- might make me reconsider and NOT it after all, lol!

    God Bless,
    Deanna @ http://theheartshunger.blogspot.con

  4. "less locked in mortal combat with the monster that is trying to take over my brain" - so true! I find it easy to forget about just living life, and how that's the real goal (not being free of anxiety/depression).

    That's an interesting discovery about mindfulness and eating - for me, I get really antsy and the food just starts tasting like ashes in my mouth. I feel like I'm not getting as much pleasure from it as I should. I won't feel as guilty now about not doing it. ;)