Thursday, November 29, 2012

a tired day

Well, here I am, on the computer, pretty much set up for homework. But am I doing homework? Oh, no. I haven't even checked my e-mail yet! Checking that now...

Today was, well, one of those days. I woke up, late. (Self control did not win, and I went back to bed with my alarm on snooze, and then must have turned it off...). Knowing I would be ten to fifteen minutes late to work, I called to let them know, and took my morning medication. Well, that was the goal. But I started by taking my evening Seroquel. REALLY??? Great second step to waking up too late to get to work on time.

Then, at work, well, I still work in a toddler classroom. Kids still bite. I still get frustrated. And my boss still reviews what happened when a bite report will be sent home. This time, her conclusion was that I wasn't the best multitasker. Okay, yeah. I'll agree with that. I'll take her advice for letting somebody else do the multitasking job when such a situation comes up again.

Today, I had my moments of thinking how I wasn't good enough at my job. And then (to some extent) I moved on. Because, fact is, working in a toddler classroom is just plain challenging, whether or not you are a gifted multitasker. It is even recognized as a tough job by people around me. So, Self, you do a tough job, and you don't do it perfectly, but you do your best. And that is enough.

Now I am HUNGRY (as I am, what, half the time I write on this blog?), but I don't want to stop for supper until I've made a little more progress on my actual college class (as in, more than looking at the schedule for the rest of the semester and the titles for the four remaining lectures in this class). :)

I'm not quite sure what the official solution to taking your medication 14 hours early is, but I think I'll just not take it tonight, and live through however that messes me up, and soon be back on my regular schedule. It is not a big deal that I took the dose at the wrong time; I used to take twice the dose that I take now. And what's more, once I forgot and doubled that higher dose when I accidentally took it twice in one evening. (The doctor kind of laughed at me, and asked if it made me feel extra tired, which it didn't. Go figure. Today I'm extra tired, but on double the double dose, I was okay. But actually, today I could just be tired because I'm tired, completely unrelated to my medication mistake.)

Well, now for listening to a lecture...


  1. Working in a toddler classroom sounds VERY challenging to me. You're right in reminding yourself that it's a tough job and you do your best.

    I hope today is a less stressful day for you! :-)

  2. Thanks, Tina. And today was less stressful!