Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sometimes my mood flipflops way to fast. Today, I switch from cheerful to angry in almost no time.

Like medication refills for Psych meds. "They say," you have to take your medication. Don't miss your doses. And then the pharmacy says it will have your prescription in time and then tells you, oh, sorry, we're out of stock!!!! Like really! So then, because I was mad, and out of 40mg fluoxetine, I transfered my prescription to another pharmacy that has that in. But it will cost me 16 extra dollars. I don't usually spend 16 dollars just because I'm angry. I could have just taken 3 20mg fluoxetine pills. But no, I transfered my prescription. So there! It's not like fluoxetine is a rarely used drug! Why can't you have it in stock? Okay, so it did snow alot today, but this is my second "oh, we're out of stock" experience with this pharmecy, so I'm still frustrated.

And frustrated because the kids language-learning dvd had words that didn't match the pictures. I mean, how is THAT supposed to help language development? Say a word that means one thing and a picture that means another?

And then I changed to another dvd ('cause I was mad), and this one I'm pretty sure showed bananas hung on a palm tree/coconut tree. Really? Why can't you show the big banana plants? Are you really going to send the message that bananas grow on palm trees? I thought this was supposed to be educational!

And that's why I need to settle down and stop being so angry. Because it's only costing me 16 dollars and I don't really have 16 extra dollars right now.

And I just applied to the community college I got my AA in "modern languages" (spanish) from and I'm trying to take two more classes so that I can have an AA (the same AA) in psych, too, and then maybe get my B.S. degree in psych so that I finally have a bachelor's degree. And yes, I took lurazepam after deciding to take a class because I did want to sleep despite upsetting my brain. In case you wondered, I ALWAYS make last minute decisions about college. Whether last minute to pay or last minute to cancel or last minute to enroll. I have withdrawn from two colleges right before starting. And I've taken a semester at one college (just one class) and one at another college (22 credits) and two more at another college (one class each semester/term) and first of all, my AA at said community college. That wanted to know the exact days that I moved into state and started and finished educational experience. Oh, my poor ocd, I don't offhand know the exact days. Maybe they will kick me out of college for being a day or two off. Maybe I will want lurazepam tonight. But I don't intend to take it, because I only like to take it once a month and I already took it once this week.

Happy Wednesday. We have too much snow here. If you want some, there's plenty of extra on the roads.

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