Thursday, December 23, 2010

I was enjoying a lovely lemon cookie when... in popped the "brilliant" idea that maybe there was alcohol in the cookie and when I drove home, I'd be drunk driving. Maybe I'd get pulled over and the policeman wuold ask if I'd been drinking and how could I answer that since maybe the cookie had alcohol in it? I finished the cookie, but the pleasure level just wasn't the same after that. Stupid OCD.

My counselor missed two weeks of counseling, so I decided I'd better toughen up and work on this, because I was somewhat convinced that the pain of unchecked ocd was worse than the prospect of Exposure Response Prevention. So I wrote up a new exposure hierarchy and gave myself some exposures to work on. Going okay, so far (I didn't put any TOO hard exposures on, don't worry. I like success).

Now I must return to work. :( A few more hours and then I get a long weekend. I can handle this!

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