Friday, May 27, 2011

approaching the weekend

It is really interesting to reconnect with someone after about nine years. Especially when I remember the kids more from 11 years ago. In eleven years, babies and preschoolers really change.

I guess I've changed, too. 11 years does that to people. So does nine.

My plan for the long weekend is to get the cold/virus that's been threatening me (or maybe it's just allergies - to nothing, of course. But the allergist didn't check if I had spring allergies to pollen, so maybe I'm allergic to that). I want to get the bug and sleep and sleep and sleep and feel healthy by Tuesday when I need to go back to work. Alternatively, I can sleep and sleep and sleep for depression instead. And watch movies. That's on the list (either for the cold or the depression). And read book(s). That's just on the list anyway, because I like to read a bit in the evening. And clean. :( And ...? Who knows. But the libraries are closed on Monday, so I can't do that.

Happy Friday.

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