Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Shopping is a new hobby. I shop really slow, buy very little, and enjoy looking at things and/or laughing at prices, etc. I don't fight OCD. Because it's a hobby!

Actually, I just don't fight OCD much at all. I haven't gone on the offensive (premeditatingly, intentionally doing ERP) for a little while, and my defense (dealing with problems that land in my lap) has slid, too. And I don't really care.

How about I think about a new paragraph. Like about my attending a tap dancing class as part of an interview for a position teaching dance. That should be fun or not fun, or those two swirled like chocolate and vanilla.

And I have shopping to do. Legitimate shopping. For a bridal shower and a wedding. Excuses to spend money on what I probably wouldn't feel right about buying for myself. oh, but I will still look for a microwave. I have not found one for less than 44 dollars. Again, don't worry; I did forget how many cents.

What else? Bible study at the end of today (late. This is my big problem with this bible study. it's late). maybe dinner with friends. I guess I should eat an afternoon snack with the goal of avoiding that wonderful light-headed feeling during the dance class. It has come back, if i haven't mentioned that yet. But I'm not positive which doctor I should call, the Psych doctor or the whatever-is-wrong-during-the-week-but-preferably-not-with-my-brain doctor (he refered me on to a psychiatrist for that). So if I can, I'll just wait until my appointment next week with the Psychiatrist. i don't like trying to explain unexplainable things over the telephone.

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